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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

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Total Body Conditioning (TBC)

We are covering all the bases here- strength, power and cardio endurance are all part of this calorie torching full body workout! Get ready to sweat and feel accomplished when you’re done!

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Powerstrike Impact

We are punching and kicking on a freestanding heavy bag with drills and conditioning off of the bag as well. One of our favorite ways to up your fitness level!  You will need bag gloves and/or hand wraps. Please bring these because they are not provided.  Contact us with any questions about either of these items.

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Strength Training

This is a full body strength training workout, we will work all the major muscle groups and give options for all fitness levels.  You will not want to miss this one!

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Cardio Strength Circuit

This is a circuit workout, moving from station to station, incorporating strength training, cardio and core work.  This workout is for all levels, the intervals are timed so you can work at your own pace.

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We are turning up the heat with this great cardio workout!  We will teach you the punches and kicks and then we start putting them together as kickboxing combinations to target muscles in the upper and lower body while increasing your cardiovascular endurance - who doesn't love that!  This full body workout has abdominal conditioning at the end.

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Swings, Slams & Abs

Kettlebell swings, medicine ball slams combined with abdominal training for

aerobic and anaerobic training benefits!

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Body Pump

The classic that still produces results! This is the Les Mills barbell strength training workout that always needs a spot in your training plan. All levels.

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Body Combat

This Les Mills cardio kickboxing workout combines great music with even better moves taken from several different Martial Arts! All levels are welcome.

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